Buzzworm cover“Wow, I absolutely loved reading Buzzworm by Theo Cage. It is filled with enough intrigue to keep you glued to the pages and reading nonstop to the ending you never see coming. Buzzworm is not your everyday CIA spy game novel; it is a very captivating story which combines all the aspects of a thrilling CIA story, but the plot is unique, utterly believable and very thrilling. The story takes you behind the scenes and gives you an in-depth tour into the back office operations of the CIA and the technology that holds together the intelligence community. What fascinated me even more is Theo Cage’s transfixing description of the workings of the hacker community.”

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

“PAGE TURNER! Excellent mystery/thriller. Nicely developed characters and tight plot. Hard to put this one down…” LibraryThing Review

“MORE ACTION THAN YOUR TYPICAL MYSTERY. If you’re looking for a real ride and not just a story, then you’ll enjoy this gritty book.” Author of Power Games, Richard Peters

“Awesome Thriller!! Must Read!!” Amazon Review

“Fast paced action and suspense in a read with a lot of horsepower.” Amazon Review

Buzzworm was published on February 1st this year.  This story was first inspired by a number of stories told to me by a former Mossad agent (not all which I include in Buzzworm, but have also woven into On The Black.) At the time, I was shocked by how much of a national security weapon computer viruses had become. Of course now, with the revelations around the StuxNet virus that attacked Iran’s nuclear enrichment program in 2010, and recent infections of U.S. drones, it’s quite clear to me that computer viruses could someday (soon) be used as  weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

“What a ride! This book is fast paced from beginning to end. CIA intrigue and high tech computer viruses abound in this very suspenseful thriller. All of the agencies are involved, from Washington vice, Homeland Security, CIA, even the FBI. Even as a reader, I had no idea who to trust until the end of the book. This story spins a complicated web of treachery, deceit, and absolute mayhem that has global consequences. Smooth prose and a compelling plot make Buzzworm a must-read.” Goodreads Review

Buzzworm chronicals a systems meltdown at the CIA that begins to quickly spread to other intelligence departments world-wide, effecting operatives and staff at every level. Employee cell phones, their home security systems, even their television sets are being taken over by this ugly new virus now known as Buzzworm.

When people start to die, the CIA decides to look for outside help. An eccentric foreign intrusion expert, Roger Strange, is flown in to help track down the source of the virus. He teams up with an agency hacker known as MED (Mary Ellen Duke), and the two of them begin to unpack the mystery – well aware that Buzzworm is now beginning to target them and their families. The third protagonist in the story is Gregory Hyde, one of  Washington D.C.’s most successful and iconic homicide detectives. But he’s also the oldest. So despite being Roger and MED’s only hope, he hates technology with a  passion.

The novel reaches it’s explosive conclusion in a deadly race against time in the wilds of Virginia.

Gregory Hyde as well as MED appear again in Satan’s Road – and MED will finally get her chance to be a field agent in ON THE BLACK:Africa.


2 thoughts on “Buzzworm

  1. I just saw one of your books listed on Book Bub….do you have f books about a single character, or are they all “stand alone novels”. What is a suggested reading order?

    1. Mike – Splicer is stand-alone. Buzzworm, Satan’s Road, (and the soon to launch Thrift Shop) – feature Washington Homicide detective Greg Hyde – though not sequential, Buzzworm is probably the best place to start.

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