I send out special promotions, free art and free book downloads about six times a year.
Right now if you sign up for the Reader’s Group I will send you a FULL LENGTH novel. Just click on the giant JOIN button below. On future book launches I always offer a special promotional price to members as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.

16 thoughts on “JOIN MY READER’S CLUB!

  1. Wow! I’ve never had an author comment on my review. Very impressive! And does this mean I’m in the drawing? Love the painting too.

    1. Shelby – I launch my books on Amazon and use the Kindle promotion tools available, then move them over to BN and Apple. Buzzworm and Crispy Critters are available there and others will follow. Hope that helps.

  2. I will be leaving a review as soon as I read Crispy Critters. This is a wonderful painting that I would love to have in my home. Fingers crossed to win. I also shared it.

  3. Just finished “Splicer”. Excellent book. I didn’t get a thing done all day because I just had to finish it… after it kept me up way past my bedtime last night. I’ll be looking for Crispy Critters and Buzzworm, but only after I get my chores caught up.


  4. I just finished crispy critters 1 & 2. I can’t wait for the other two installments. What a great idea for a book. Who of us has not wanted to do what these heroes are doing to save kids? Love your work thank you.

  5. Glen Fitzmaurice says:

    I just finished reading On The Black: Africa and Ghost Of A Girl. Both great stories. Don`t ever get rid of Quinten Hunter and Captain Grace Daly cause they are such great characters

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